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To request official event photos, please contact [email protected]. Press releases offered by WPEM contain photography that may be used in conjunction with the release as long as photo credits are placed beside all photos (ex. Photo credit: Photographer’s Name for West Palms Events Management.

WPEM also provides photo galleries on our Facebook page, Direct share from our Facebook page to your page is acceptable as long as photo credits are placed beside all photos. 

Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions after reviewing the following FAQs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a student photographer or an aspiring equine photographer. Can I take photos at your event for my portfolio?

We appreciate your interest in our event and we would love to have you join us. We ask that you keep the following policies in mind: 

  1. You may not sell your photos to our exhibitors or to third parties. In addition, we would greatly appreciate if you would limit posting online (i.e. giving away photos) to only a few photos per event. This is to protect our Official Photographer’s exclusive right to sell photos and his or her ability to maintain a profitable business at our shows. 
  2. No flashes allowed ever, and no tripods/monopods unless in an open space where you will not interfere with other visitors or potentially spook horses. 
  3. Do not enter any show rings, warm up arenas, or any other areas where spectators are not allowed. 
  4. Expect to be approached by show management or Official Photographers who may verify what you are shooting for and make sure you are familiar with these guidelines. 

Failure to comply with any of these policies will result in being asked to leave the event. 

I am a professional photographer. Can I come to your event and take photos?

Not without a Press Pass (see below), or explicit prior permission from WPEM. Our priority is to ensure that our Official Photographers are protected and are able to maintain a profitable business at our shows. If you’d like to be considered to be an Official Photographer, please send samples and references to [email protected]. There is only one Official Photographer (or company) per show and most events currently have a waiting list for consideration. However, many of our Official Photographers do hire “second shooters” at our events and you are welcome to contact any of our Official Photographers directly to inquire about those positions.

I can take pictures of my daughter/son/mother/friend/barn-mate, right?

Yes, you can take photos of your family, best friends, and barn-mates. However, please be respectful of our Official Photographers and please do not be offended if you are asked who you are shooting and how you’re related. We strive to secure the best Official Photographers who provide incredible photos to our exhibitors, and we can only do this if the majority of riders support them by buying photos! We appreciate your understanding.

I work for a media outlet who has hired me to take photos of your event. How do I proceed?

At certain events WPEM provides the opportunity to request a Press Pass (e.g. Del Mar and Sacramento International). The Press Pass application process will provide guidelines for the use of photography and video taken the events. Photos taken by a Press Pass holder will normally be cleared for use in print, online reporting and social media posting in direct relation to the specific event. The sale of any photography is forbidden, and photos taken are for the use of the specific media partner who has been issued a Press Pass only. Additional photos may be purchased from the Official Photographer or via WPEM press releases. 

For events for which no press passes are available, please contact [email protected] prior to the event with details of your request. 

WPEM Press Application

Media Guidelines

  • Media credentials may be issued to journalists on assignment by recognized and well-established magazines, newspapers, news services, publications, television and radio networks, local television and radio stations, Internet sites, agencies representing farms and ranches, and other approved media outlets.
  • Internet sites will only be considered if they cover horse shows on a regular basis and are consistently updated with news and features, or are local or tourism-based sites for area in which the event is hosted. Websites must be free from profanity and offensive language.
  • Freelance journalists must provide proof of assignment from a well-established and approved outlet to be considered for accreditation. If photographer credentials are granted, he/she must also confirm that the images taken will only be used for that specific publication and for that specific story. Freelance writers may only receive a credential based on the publications they are representing and on a preapproved story concept with a credible outlet.
  • No photographer at any event managed by West Palms Events may sell photography, except the Official Horse Show Photographer. Photographers are allowed to shoot family and/or friends. Any violation of this could result in having your credential revoked.
  • Media credentials, if granted by show management, must be worn prominently and at all times while on the WPEM show grounds.
  • The deadline to apply for media credentials is 5 days prior to the first day of the show.
  • WPEM reserves the right to deny any media credential request or revoke a media credential if guidelines are not followed.
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